Causes of Tiny Holes in Shirts and the Instant Slip-On Solution

There are uncountable issues related to our clothing that we experience on a daily basis but the most perplexing one, which has gone unexplained for some time, are the tiny holes around the belly-button area of one’s shirt. If you are experiencing this issue then you should know the reason! Today’s trendy fashion mostly includes jeans and tops and just lying inconspicuously underneath our tops is the culprit. Drum roll please….ladies and gentlemen, it is the continuous rubbing of the jeans button and its button-tab that are causing the tiny holes. Good stuff….right? Now the question is what’s your remedy? Are you finding yourself throwing out more gently worn tops then you can keep up with buying? Are you trying to go with the traditional way of sewing, which, by the way, never looks quite the same? Forget these costly and frustrating efforts because now there is a solution!

Introducing the only slip-on solution…Lickety Klip! Lickety Klip is the fastest and easiest way to save your tops from holes. It’s simple design works as a button-tab cover to prevent the rubbing of the jeans’ button and its curled-out button-tab against your delicate tops. Now there is no need to ever worry about ruining your tops again! This low-cost yet fashionable solution is made in America from nontoxic polymer and is the only way to stop holes before they start. Lickety Klip can be worn with all jeans bottoms and are available in four fun colors to coordinate with your everyday wear.


In most cases, holes in shirts or tops can be found after just one wear! If you find yourself saying… “So annoying! This has to stop!” then we feel your pain. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had our best tops ruined by tiny holes that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Even knowing the cause for tiny holes there was still no way to stop them…until now! So get your Lickety Klip today for the fraction of what you would pay to replace a damaged top! No holes. No bulk. No belt. One klip. Lickety Klip!


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