Lickety Klip Prevents Tiny Holes In Front Of Shirts

Wear and tear on our clothes are sometimes inevitable. But if you knew of a certain solution to prevent wear and tear on your clothing wouldn’t you use it? And even though your life may be super busy, wouldn’t you still want to know of the quick and easy solution to prevent tiny holes from appearing at the bottom of your shirts and tops? If we just knew the genuine reasons for tiny holes in front of shirts to begin with then why wouldn’t we want to take the precautions to save our valuable outfits?

The tiny holes in shirts and tops have been an ongoing problem for years. These pesky holes notoriously appear at the bottom surface and around the belly-button area. The reason is not the quality of the clothing. Because believe me these tiny holes do not discriminate! Instead, the holes in front of shirts are from the constant rubbing of the jeans button and its hard material.

Lickety Klip

So what is the solution? Now we know the cause, there must be a preventive approach to get rid of problem! You are right! It is Lickety Klip, the slip-on solution to keep your shirts and tops safe and secure. Basically, the jeans button is made up of hard material and the hardware constantly comes in touch with our delicate shirts and top. Lickety Klip is the innovative slip-on solution that will stop the rubbing and stops tiny holes in your shirts and tops.

Now, if you have never heard of the new and effective solution Lickety Klip then you must know more! Lickety Klip is made of non-toxic polymer, which is pliable enough to remain comfortable yet strong enough to stay put in one spot all day. Its simple design makes it easy for anyone to use. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to to grab the solution today!

Oh, and there’s more! In addition to preventing holes in front of shirts, Lickety Klip makes for a better outfit by hiding the curled-out jeans button that generally pokes outside of a shirt or top. Using Lickety Klip will make you gain a smooth surface and a more flattering look. So, say good bye to holes in shirts and say hello to stunning combinations of jeans and tops!


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