Let’s Completely Ban the Tiny Holes in Shirts and Tops

In this day and age with the vast array of solution products available in the market, there must be an easy solution for tiny holes that we regularly experience in our shirts and tops. These annoying holes are found at the bottom surface right around the jeans’ button.The continuous rubbing of the jeans hardware against the sensitive clothing is what causes the tiny holes. Well guess what? Due to some added expertise of certain professionals, the most advanced solution is here and solution is Lickety Klip!

What do you generally do after discovering tiny holes in a new shirt or top? Do you shove it towards the back of your closet in disgust that you have ruined yet another shirt? Or perhaps, you just toss it in the trash angry and bothered telling yourself, “I just bought that shirt”! Why keep putting up with this dilemma when there is a newslip-onsolution? Lickety Klip is the only slip-on solution and preventive measure that takes little effort to stop the tiny holes in shirts and tops.

tiny holes

Lickety Klip is small, yet its effects are huge! Lickety Klip is made up of non-toxic polymers and is FDA compliant. Plus it is very much affordable and only costs a fraction for what it takes to replace a shirt. Its design is user friendly making it very easy to slide it over the button-tab to stop tiny holes in tops.

Lickety Klip’s uses are not just to prevent holes in shirts and tops, but it is also used to flatten the curled-out jeans’ button-tab that generally sticks out through the belly surface. Plus, it acts as a protective barrier for those who have nickel allergies to the alloy in the jeans button. It is the last accessory you will need to add all the final touches to any jeans outfit. Coming in 4 popular colors, Lickety sKlip is today’s must have accessory!