Protection from Tiny Holes in Your Shirts and T-Shirts

Why do you keep buying new shirts or tops knowing darn well you will get another hole at the bottom surface,sometimes simply after just one wear? Holes in shirts and tops can be found in some of today’s trendy wear, but in this particular place (i.e. just over the jeans’ button) has specific concern. Wouldn’t you like to know the remedy for these pesky appearances? For starters, let’s talk about the culprit.

Tiny holes appearing around the belly-button area in your shirt, has been confirmed by industry experts, comes from the continuous rubbing of the jeans’ rigid hardware. Friction against delicate tops sandwiched between hard surfaces (i.e. counter tops) causes little holes making it appear as if the top were a slice of Swiss cheese. You may think sewing the holes can revive your new apparel, but let’s face it…it is impossible to get it back to its original look! So, why not take the necessary precautions by using Lickety Klip the only slip-on solution for holes in shirts and tops? Lickety Klip guarantees no more holes in shirts or tops or your money back!


What exactly is Lickety Klip? It is a simple product with proven results! Lickety Klip slips over the button-tab of jeans creating a smooth barrier for shirts and tops. It is the best solution for tiny holes in front of t-shirts. The most exciting aspects of Lickety Klip is its affordability and ease of use (in addition to preventing holes)! Also, it is made of non-toxic polymer and comes in 4 different colors to coordinate with your everyday wear.

Lickety Klip is more than just a single solution for managing tiny holes in shirts and tops. It can improve your outfit too!On occasion, you must have observed the jeans’ curled-out button-tab poking through the surface of your top spoiling your outer look. Simply slip Lickety Klip over the button-tab of your jeans and instantaneously make your outfit appear flat and beautiful. There are so many regular users who have already benefited from Lickety Klip. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to Lickety and get yours today! No holes, No bulk, No belt…One Klip. Lickety Klip!


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