Protection from Tiny Holes in Your Shirts and T-Shirts

Why do you keep buying new shirts or tops knowing darn well you will get another hole at the bottom surface,sometimes simply after just one wear? Holes in shirts and tops can be found in some of today’s trendy wear, but in this particular place (i.e. just over the jeans’ button) has specific concern. Wouldn’t you like to know the remedy for these pesky appearances? For starters, let’s talk about the culprit.

Tiny holes appearing around the belly-button area in your shirt, has been confirmed by industry experts, comes from the continuous rubbing of the jeans’ rigid hardware. Friction against delicate tops sandwiched between hard surfaces (i.e. counter tops) causes little holes making it appear as if the top were a slice of Swiss cheese. You may think sewing the holes can revive your new apparel, but let’s face it…it is impossible to get it back to its original look! So, why not take the necessary precautions by using Lickety Klip the only slip-on solution for holes in shirts and tops? Lickety Klip guarantees no more holes in shirts or tops or your money back!


What exactly is Lickety Klip? It is a simple product with proven results! Lickety Klip slips over the button-tab of jeans creating a smooth barrier for shirts and tops. It is the best solution for tiny holes in front of t-shirts. The most exciting aspects of Lickety Klip is its affordability and ease of use (in addition to preventing holes)! Also, it is made of non-toxic polymer and comes in 4 different colors to coordinate with your everyday wear.

Lickety Klip is more than just a single solution for managing tiny holes in shirts and tops. It can improve your outfit too!On occasion, you must have observed the jeans’ curled-out button-tab poking through the surface of your top spoiling your outer look. Simply slip Lickety Klip over the button-tab of your jeans and instantaneously make your outfit appear flat and beautiful. There are so many regular users who have already benefited from Lickety Klip. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to Lickety and get yours today! No holes, No bulk, No belt…One Klip. Lickety Klip!


Let’s Completely Ban the Tiny Holes in Shirts and Tops

In this day and age with the vast array of solution products available in the market, there must be an easy solution for tiny holes that we regularly experience in our shirts and tops. These annoying holes are found at the bottom surface right around the jeans’ button.The continuous rubbing of the jeans hardware against the sensitive clothing is what causes the tiny holes. Well guess what? Due to some added expertise of certain professionals, the most advanced solution is here and solution is Lickety Klip!

What do you generally do after discovering tiny holes in a new shirt or top? Do you shove it towards the back of your closet in disgust that you have ruined yet another shirt? Or perhaps, you just toss it in the trash angry and bothered telling yourself, “I just bought that shirt”! Why keep putting up with this dilemma when there is a newslip-onsolution? Lickety Klip is the only slip-on solution and preventive measure that takes little effort to stop the tiny holes in shirts and tops.

tiny holes

Lickety Klip is small, yet its effects are huge! Lickety Klip is made up of non-toxic polymers and is FDA compliant. Plus it is very much affordable and only costs a fraction for what it takes to replace a shirt. Its design is user friendly making it very easy to slide it over the button-tab to stop tiny holes in tops.

Lickety Klip’s uses are not just to prevent holes in shirts and tops, but it is also used to flatten the curled-out jeans’ button-tab that generally sticks out through the belly surface. Plus, it acts as a protective barrier for those who have nickel allergies to the alloy in the jeans button. It is the last accessory you will need to add all the final touches to any jeans outfit. Coming in 4 popular colors, Lickety sKlip is today’s must have accessory!

How Awesome would a Slip-on Solution be to Stop the evolution of Holes in Front of T-Shirts?

There is an old saying that “prevention is better than a cure”. Did this thought ever cross your mind after your jeans rubbed a tiny, annoying hole in your T-shirt? That T-shirt might have been your favorite one, but now you can’t wear it anymore without an embarrassing hole in it! Had you just taken a preventive measure to stop them from appearing in the first place, you could have saved your shirt from another annoying hole. What if you were able to have a solution to stop holes before they started?

There are many folks like you who are facing the same sickening situation or better said they are just sick and tired of the “tiny holes” issue in their shirts and tops! Usually, these tiny holes tend to appear at the bottom of shirts and tops right around one’s belly-button and waist area due to the constant rubbing of the jeans’ button.

To eliminate this frustration, go for the only slip-on solution, LicketyKlip! This instant solution is proven to bet the perfect remedy to save your shirts and tops from getting holes due to the constant rubbing of the jeans’ button-tab and its rigid button. It has been confirmed the continuous rubbing causes tiny holes in the front of T shirts, shirts and tops, which are all so very annoying! The thought of always having to purchase new shirts is gut-wrenching so wouldn’t a quick preventative solution work best?

No Holes

This slip-on solution guarantees to save your sanity and money, and make your life easier. This solution is the unique way to let your favorite apparel continue to make its statement and stop holes while eliminating the unsightly bulk of a curled button tab. If this issue has been plaguing you then most definitely LicketyKlip is your answer!

This unique clip, which is made from non-toxic polymer and embossed with the superhero symbol will cover the problem area attractively and make you look smarter than ever before. A more interesting fact about this slip-on solution is it gives you an immediate remedy. It is as if you can eliminate the hole yourself by just by a quick clip.

Imagine a situation when you discover holes in the front of your top shortly before attending a high-profile office party. How frustrating and embarrassing!  Prevention is key!

With the slip-on solution, you will no longer need to worry about getting tiny holes in the front of your shirts and tops. Just slip LicketyKlip over the button-tab of your jeans and say goodbye to those aggravating holes. Isn’t this solution a no brainer?  I would say “Yes”!

Imagine a situation when you discover holes in the front of your top shortly before attending a high-profile office party. How frustrating and embarrassing!  Prevention is key!

With the slip-on solution, you will no longer need to worry about getting tiny holes in the front of your shirts and tops. Just slip LicketyKlip over the button-tab of your jeans and say goodbye to those aggravating holes. Isn’t this solution a no brainer?  I would say “Yes”!

Lickety Klip Prevents Tiny Holes In Front Of Shirts

Wear and tear on our clothes are sometimes inevitable. But if you knew of a certain solution to prevent wear and tear on your clothing wouldn’t you use it? And even though your life may be super busy, wouldn’t you still want to know of the quick and easy solution to prevent tiny holes from appearing at the bottom of your shirts and tops? If we just knew the genuine reasons for tiny holes in front of shirts to begin with then why wouldn’t we want to take the precautions to save our valuable outfits?

The tiny holes in shirts and tops have been an ongoing problem for years. These pesky holes notoriously appear at the bottom surface and around the belly-button area. The reason is not the quality of the clothing. Because believe me these tiny holes do not discriminate! Instead, the holes in front of shirts are from the constant rubbing of the jeans button and its hard material.

Lickety Klip

So what is the solution? Now we know the cause, there must be a preventive approach to get rid of problem! You are right! It is Lickety Klip, the slip-on solution to keep your shirts and tops safe and secure. Basically, the jeans button is made up of hard material and the hardware constantly comes in touch with our delicate shirts and top. Lickety Klip is the innovative slip-on solution that will stop the rubbing and stops tiny holes in your shirts and tops.

Now, if you have never heard of the new and effective solution Lickety Klip then you must know more! Lickety Klip is made of non-toxic polymer, which is pliable enough to remain comfortable yet strong enough to stay put in one spot all day. Its simple design makes it easy for anyone to use. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to to grab the solution today!

Oh, and there’s more! In addition to preventing holes in front of shirts, Lickety Klip makes for a better outfit by hiding the curled-out jeans button that generally pokes outside of a shirt or top. Using Lickety Klip will make you gain a smooth surface and a more flattering look. So, say good bye to holes in shirts and say hello to stunning combinations of jeans and tops!

Immediate Solution for Holes in T-Shirts or Tops

We can agree that we are most definitely conscious about our own clothing, so why do we continue to put up with those pesky holes in our t-shirts and tops? You have to know there are certain factors for their reoccurrence. In most cases, holes in shirts and tops are found near the bottom area of the clothing. You know, around the belly-button area. So for them to be in the same spot all the time there must be a specific cause! Right? Well, yes! And it is true! The culprit is most definitely the jeans’ button and its button-tab, which endlessly rubs a hole through the bottom surface of top after top. Now, if you have experienced this, it’s possible you have tried sewing the hole yourself or maybe even had a professional repair it. But, we both know this isn’t the optimal answer since it requires time and effort and the results are never satisfactory. Ladies, we need a solution!


Do you have any idea why I am telling you all this? It’s because I want you to get excited to know that there finally is a solution! Yes, it has arrived and it is the ONLY slip-on solution! No longer do you have to worry about getting tiny holes in your tops because of Lickety Klip. What is a Lickety Klip you might ask? Great question! It’s simple. Lickety Klip is an easy to use button-cover clip for your jeans and is the only effective way for creating a barrier to prevent your precious clothing from rubbing against the jeans’ rigid hardware. Great idea, right? Well, we thought so too! You can now enjoy this amazing solution and all its benefits too with little effort and with very little money out of your pocket.

You mean there are additional benefits? Yes, the slip-on solution not only stops holes in their tracks, but easily compliments any outfit while wearing jeans. You see, in today’s fashion, belts are no longer worn under fitted tops since they create an unattractive bulky look.  Even after eliminating the belt, there’s still the irritating curled-out button-tab pushing through the top, which never compliments our finished look. Lickety Klip adds the final touch on any jeans outfit by smoothing the button-tab area and producing the sought after flat silhouette we all achieve to succeed. It’s the only fashionable slip-on solution that gives you instant results! Get yours today! We’ve got you covered!