Immediate Solution for Holes in T-Shirts or Tops

We can agree that we are most definitely conscious about our own clothing, so why do we continue to put up with those pesky holes in our t-shirts and tops? You have to know there are certain factors for their reoccurrence. In most cases, holes in shirts and tops are found near the bottom area of the clothing. You know, around the belly-button area. So for them to be in the same spot all the time there must be a specific cause! Right? Well, yes! And it is true! The culprit is most definitely the jeans’ button and its button-tab, which endlessly rubs a hole through the bottom surface of top after top. Now, if you have experienced this, it’s possible you have tried sewing the hole yourself or maybe even had a professional repair it. But, we both know this isn’t the optimal answer since it requires time and effort and the results are never satisfactory. Ladies, we need a solution!


Do you have any idea why I am telling you all this? It’s because I want you to get excited to know that there finally is a solution! Yes, it has arrived and it is the ONLY slip-on solution! No longer do you have to worry about getting tiny holes in your tops because of Lickety Klip. What is a Lickety Klip you might ask? Great question! It’s simple. Lickety Klip is an easy to use button-cover clip for your jeans and is the only effective way for creating a barrier to prevent your precious clothing from rubbing against the jeans’ rigid hardware. Great idea, right? Well, we thought so too! You can now enjoy this amazing solution and all its benefits too with little effort and with very little money out of your pocket.

You mean there are additional benefits? Yes, the slip-on solution not only stops holes in their tracks, but easily compliments any outfit while wearing jeans. You see, in today’s fashion, belts are no longer worn under fitted tops since they create an unattractive bulky look.  Even after eliminating the belt, there’s still the irritating curled-out button-tab pushing through the top, which never compliments our finished look. Lickety Klip adds the final touch on any jeans outfit by smoothing the button-tab area and producing the sought after flat silhouette we all achieve to succeed. It’s the only fashionable slip-on solution that gives you instant results! Get yours today! We’ve got you covered!